About us

We specialize in developing products used by children. Focusing on the children’s preferences, we develop products with high perceived value for the children and their parents. Our core area is toys, games and puzzles, but if you need a water bottle, ice cream cup or some cool sunglasses, we will be able to help you with that too.

When working with products for children, product safety is very important. Since the beginning of 2003 Toy Promotion has been actively involved in the toys safety area and we have ongoing contacts with regulatory authorities such as the Swedish Consumer Agency and the Swedish Chemical Agency. Today Toy Promotion is a partner that, in addition to good products and secure deliveries, also offers the market’s best skills regarding toy’s safety.

Toy Promotion - Develop for kids

Sourcing from China

Our sourcing is mainly in China and we have been working with our manufacturers for many years. Since we buy directly from China, you will always get competitive prices. All manufacturers adhere to our Code of Conduct and follow-ups are done through our Hong Kong partners. We also work closely with various international companies for Social Audits.

When you buy a product from us, you will always get it delivered directly to your warehouse – we take care of the entire chain! We start with design and illustration development if required, then the production process follows with the first step in which prototypes are produced. Once approved, production starts. We carry out quality checks at the factory site and before loading the products in a container, they must also be tested and approved in accordance with all laws and regulations. We monitor your container and then take care of customs and pallet loading. Finally we book the transport to your warehouse.