Most projects begin with graphic design. Since 2003 we have worked with various famous characters, and from style guides created designs for colouring books, children’s menus and different types of toys. We have collaborated with companies like Moomin Characters, Peppy Pals, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros. If you would you like to use a film license for your concept and get products with graphic design from the film please contact us!

For customers who do not use film licenses, we can offer different types of themes. We also work with the development of illustrations if the customer wants to develop its own character. With the help of our partners we can get such a concept to grow and also include costumes (meet & greet), games, apps, shows, etc.

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Design & Sourcing

Sourcing från Kina

We will find the product you are looking for!

We have been working with sourcing in China since 2003. We have established relationships with several manufacturers in China for many years. Importing directly from a factory in China is complicated, especially when it comes to products that have be tested and approved for children. We have successfully delivered toys to companies with very challenging requirements when it comes to delivery times and product safety. We have the connections and the experience!