We believe the environment is very important!

We are actively working to produce products with environmentally friendly materials. We can provide our customers with an environmental report from each manufacturer as well as the entire logistics chain, thus contributing to our customers’ calculation of the ecological footprint. A very important part of our work is to consider the environment as we develop products. By producing products with high perceived value, we ensure that they are not wasted unnecessarily.

Environment & Sustainability


What does it look like in the factory where the products are produced?

Toy Promotion has a code of conduct that our manufacturers approve in writing and it´s also controlled by us both directly and indirectly through a 3rd party test institute called “Social Audits”. Through the code of conduct, the manufacturers agree to comply with our policies on zero tolerance against discrimination, child labour, forced labour, bribery, etc. They also agree to follow market payrolls, acceptable working conditions, healthy working environment etc. Our goal has always been to work long-term with our manufacturers and maintain professional relationships with them.